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INDT 501 – ReflectionWeek 1 – Technology Integration Matrix

I spent quite a lot of time exploring the TIM this week and weekend, and if I had to sum it up in one word, I would call it OVERWHELMING! My head was spinning as I watched video after video trying to understand the different characteristics and where certain lessons fit and why. I am much better at learning when things are broken into smaller chunks, so after exploring around at random, I began to limit myself to the language arts lessons, since that is what I teach.

Examples I liked:
I liked the middle school examples in the Authentic/Infusion categories where the students were making public service announcements. The students worked in groups and PowerPoint and iMovie to create a public service announcement. I personally enjoy authentic learning. I have done a similar lesson to this one linking the theme of the literature we were reading to the project. Students felt like what they were doing had meaning beyond the classroom. Linking school and the “real world” is usually effective in keeping students engaged and helping them to understand the concepts. Another video I really liked was a high school example where the teacher had the students use www.evernote.com to create a multimedia study guide for Hamlet. I had never heard of Evernote, but I plan to explore it more now, and possible use it in my class.

Examples I found suspect:
Honestly, there wasn’t really one video that made me raise an eyebrow, as I found something useful about each lesson I viewed. To grasp at straws, when I watched one from the Collaborative/Adaption level. The end product was a great idea, but I definitely stopped to question the teacher putting so much emphasis on using computers to do research. This is nothing new and most students have to do computer research to some extent. I would have liked to hear more about how they teach the students to do Internet research. This is an important component that many teachers and schools simply gloss over, assuming the kids know what to do. That being said, the part of the video that goes on to show how the students created multimedia presentations of their research.

My own experiences:
At my current school I have had the opportunity to work with many different tools for technology integration. Of course we have Smart boards, and I think they can fall into many different categories on the matrix, depending on how they are used. In my experience they are mostly, Active or Collaborative – Entry or Adaption. We also have laptops that open us up to using technology in many different ways online. The amount of websites for education, or that can be used for educational purposes, is really overwhelming. Our special education department has iPads that they use with some of our students with disabilities to allow them to participate more fully in the general education classrooms. Some of our departments also have interactive clickers, video equipment, and other tools that can be shared around the school, but seldom are.

In short, I think my school is pretty well equipped when it comes to tools for technology integration. I also think they offer enough help and training. Even still, most of our classrooms are not using these tools regularly, for various reasons. Servers often “go down,” teachers will overbook the equipment making it difficult for others to get a hold of it, and sometimes, teachers just find it easier to stay in their box. I try to use technology often, and I hope this course helps me to do so even more.

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INDT 501

2 Responses to “INDT 501 – ReflectionWeek 1 – Technology Integration Matrix”

  1. Hi Barbara – I agree that the TIM was really overwhelming at first. Breaking into categories or chunks is a great idea. I found that as i randomly clicked on videos i did start to notice trends within the learning environment and technology level.

  2. I totally agree with you about being overwhelmed. I felt that same way. I looked at it for a while as well. I think I understand it more, but it is a lot of information. Using the matrix can definitely help teachers, but it will take a while getting use to everything. After reading your blog about other technologies that your school has, made me say to myself “we have those too.” Our departments don’t have iPads or clicker, but we can check them out from the library. I wasn’t even thinking about that as technology. I wonder how many teachers actually use the technology that we have. Sometimes I feel like teachers think it is more work to use the technology offered to them though out the school or just forget (that is me, I forget about the technology we have at school)