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INDT 501 – Reflection Week 3 – Copyright

The White House

This photo of The White House was first posted in Flickr by user Lollyknit.
It is licensed for public use as stated in the creative commons here

I found this image through Google Images Advanced by changing the usage rights to “free to use or share.” I found it pretty easy to find a picture of the white house. I realized it was a bit easier to search using specific terms, like ‘the white house’ rather than using broad key words like ‘monuments.’

Being both a photographer and a teacher copyright laws are all too familiar to me. It is fascinating really, that people who would NEVER steal something from a store or a person’s home might have no problem at all stealing something that isn’t theirs off the internet. I guess most people see it as a victimless crime, but this is not the case. I know a photographer who had a picture of hers swiped off of her Facebook page. It was a picture of a five year old boy. The picture was later found on a “Am I Hot or Not” type of website. It was brought to the attention of the boy’s mother and she tried to sue the photographer. The boy, the mother, and the photographer were all victims here.

It is more important than ever to teach students about copyright laws. Although plagiarism has always been an issue for schools, the internet has made it much easier, and much more tempting. I always remind my students that they are also copyright holders themselves. That if they create something and post it online, they automatically own the rights to it. I ask them how they would feel if some other student somewhere else in the world were calling that work his own. It usually opens up for a good discussion.

The idea of leaving a digital footprint, is another very important aspect of using the internet in schools. It is all too common to hear students talk about something they posted online or sent via text getting taken out of context, or somehow used against them. In a future lesson I plan to show my students the Way Back Machine. What an amazing way to show students how what we do online is out there forever! This would be a powerful tool in fostering discussions on internet safety.

Way back machine. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://archive.org/web/web.php

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