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INDT 501 – Reflection Week 5 – Making a Music Video

OK, I’m just going to say it. I am overwhelmed! I spent this week joining every social/educational/business media website known to man (well known to me anyway) and it’s just way too much for me. At least at the moment it is. I know that once I start to organize them and use them more regularly, I will feel more at ease. Even though I am overwhelmed, I am learning so much about using technology in the classroom.

First of all I love Google!! I cannot believe the amount of cool stuff Google has for educators. I love the portfolio, and have started a personal classroom website. As I stated last week, I really liked the custom search engine. Google Docs, Google Circle, Google Reader, I just can’t get enough. I only wish my school was a little more technology savvy. Next year, I plan to start by getting into the lab, and getting all of the kids to sign up with Google. My students will be researching, blogging, and interacting with each other online as much as possible. I love it!

Even though I have been teaching for a while and have been writing lessons and objectives for years, i found this week’s chapter in Using Inquiry in the Classroom to be a great refresher in writing objectives. I think sometimes teachers get stuck in using the same phrasing over and over agin in objective writing, this chapter gave me some great ideas. Thinking of the objectives as a “road map” to the “big idea” question gives me a fresh perspective on the whole process (coffman, 2013).

Now, Animoto! I love it so far. I haven’t finished my video, I have an idea to use it to explain the hero’s journey, since my students will be reading The Odyssey soon, but I am having trouble finding pictures that I can use to re-create the different phases of the cycle. I have a plan to combat this, but it’s going to take a bit of time to do. If I can’t find the time this week to do it, I may change my idea to a Romeo and Juliet intro. I already have a bunch of fair use photos for that from a previous project.

So, this is definitely not my best blog post, but next week will have more content, since my video will be done and ready to share by then! Hopefully, this overwhelmed feeling will subside as I begin to get more used to keeping up with all of these different mediums. While I really love learning about all of these different options available to educators (and anyone really), I might have felt a little more comfortable just learning a few, but learning them so much more in depth. But I guess it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone!


Coffman, T. (2013). Using inquiry in the classroom. (2nd ed.). New York: Rowman & Littlefield

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