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INDT Reflection – Week 9

For this past week we have been working on our mini projects. I have already done an interactive story book (you can view it here, if you’re interested), and have used ToonDoo.com to create comics, so for this mini project I decided to use Wordle and Voki.

I LOVE Wordle. I have used it before with my creative writers and just for fun. We even used it to create shirts for the literary magazine editors! However, I had not used it as a teaching tool in English class before. I guess I just hadn’t really thought of it in quite that way in the past. So I created a lesson that will help students use Wordle to analyze and compare the text of Romeo and Juliet. You can view my lesson and am example Wordle on my portfolio here. For the lesson they will work together, analyze and compare characters, and dicuss the conections betwen language and literary elements. Plus, the will create some pretty cool word clouds!

I plan to actually implement the lesson later this year. I am excited to see how it goes.

As for Voki, I could have spent all day just creating the avatar. I love doing that. I embedded mine in my portfolio to introduce a page. I can see many benefits of using this.Aside from English Language learners, I also think this tool is helpful for students with disabilities. I have taught students who are legally blind, but who can see enough to navigate the computer. A talking avatar would obvious be helpful to those who have trouble see the words on the screen.

This week I feel like I have learned about two new valuable tools. I will be using the Wordle lesson in about a month, and as for Voki – not sure if I’ll be using that one quite yet, but I can absolutely see myself working it in in the future.

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