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INDT 501 – Reflection – Week 10

Phew! These mini projects are proving to bee not so “mini.” Well, maybe the difficulties I have had were more due to “user error than the projects being tough. In the past two weeks I have created a talking avatar in Voki, a word cloud and lesson using Wordle, a timeline using Capzle, and have begun a Literature World tour with Google Maps! I already discussed the first two last week, so this week I’ll talk about Capzle and Goolgle Maps.

I used Capzle to create a timeline for the writing process. I teach English and one of the most difficult things to teach is writing. The students often fail to go through all of the steps of the process. I want them to begin to realize that writing is not just throwing some words on a page an hour before it’s due. As ninth graders, beginning their journey in high school, I wan them to start to view writing as a craft; something that takes time and practice to do well. The timeline I created in Capzle goes through each step of the writing process in order. I like this format for use with a Pecha Kucha or Lessig type of presentation. The timeline could be running through the images as I talk about the elements in the writing process. With the one that I created, the students couldn’t exactly go through it on their own and really learn the writing process, but I could see how a timeline could be created that is for the students to use alone. In explaining the sight I viewed several timelines that actually taught a lesson about the subject. The one I created would be more of a supplement to my lesson.
And Google Maps – what can I say? I do love the literature tours on google maps, but it has been pretty time consuming. I have not finished my lit tour just yet. the hardest part was trying to find a piece of literature that mentioned at least 8 places and didn’t already have a lit tour created for it. I decided that having one already made didn’t matter, since mine would be different anyway. It should be interesting to see how this one turns out!

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INDT 501

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